Shandong approves planning for Huang-Bohai New Area

(| Updated : 2022-01-10

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The development planning for the Huang-Bohai New Area in the coastal city of Yantai was approved by the Shandong Provincial People's Government, according to a document issued by the Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission on Dec 31.

As one of the four provincial-level new areas, the Huang-Bohai New Area is expected to promote the implementation of major regional strategies, gather high-quality factors and resources, advance the integration of industry into the city, and nurture new growth engines for the local economy.

Compared with other provincial-level new areas in Shandong, the Huang-Bohai New Area will focus on the development of the marine economy, and the local government will develop the area into a new economic center for Yantai, according to the development and planning commission.

The establishment of the Huang-Bohai New Area is an innovative practice for Yantai to better serve the major national strategies. Yantai lies along the Yellow and Bohai seas, borders Liaodong peninsula, and is situated directly across the sea from Japan and South Korea. It is an important center in the Bohai Economic Rim area, one of China's largest economic circles.

The new area is expected to promote the ecological protection and high-quality development of Yantai, and create new advantages for development as well as advance the integrated development of Fushan and Penglai districts.

Efforts will also be made to promote the construction of infrastructure by providing funds and technologies. A tourism and leisure development belt and an ecological protection development zone will be built in the new area, aiming to make the area a renowned tourist destination, and create a better living environment for residents.

According to the development plan, the new area's GDP will hit 170 billion yuan ($26.67 billion) by 2025 with the output value of its marine economy expected to reach 100 billion yuan, and the permanent resident population will be about 650,000. Local authorities said that by 2025, the new area is expected to be an opening-up highland in Northeast Asia, and a digital and smart new area and a new marine city in Yantai and Shandong.


The coastal city of Yantai in East China's Shandong is an important center in the Bohai Economic Rim area, one of China's largest economic circles. [Photo/WeChat account: zsyttv]