Enchanting Tanxi Mountain bathed in burnished autumn leaves

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2021-10-13

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As the temperature falls and the tree leaves turn golden and red, the Tanxi Mountain scenic area - 55 kilometers from downtown Zibo city in East China's Shandong province - is now providing stunning views for residents and tourists alike.

The rich russet leaves, together with the area's majestic slopes and contours, will make for increasingly captivating scenery there in October and November, when the Third Tanxi Mountain Red Leaves Festival gets underway.


This extremely popular 700-meter-high, glass-bottomed walkway provides a wonderful platform from which to take in the magnificent russet leaves at Tanxi Mountain. [Photo/WeChat account: tanxishan5036666]


Trying out this heart-stopping giant glass slide is a must-do for adventurous tourists visiting Tanxi Mountain. Stretching as high as 160 meters, it's the longest of its kind in Shandong province – enabling visitors to wend and weave their way through the turns, for a unique viewing experience of the glorious leaves and mountain scenery. [Photo/WeChat account: tanxishan5036666]


Tanxi Mountain is one of the most popular destinations to appreciate the russet leaves right now in the Zibo region. [Photo/WeChat account: tanxishan5036666]


An aerial photo captures an image of the beautiful red leaves in abundance now at Tanxi Mountain. [Photo/WeChat account: tanxishan5036666]