Old revolutionary base powers new growth with timeless spirit

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2021-04-19

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The community service center in Zhujialin village. [Photo by Wang Jing/chinadaily.com.cn]

People in Linyi, Shandong province, one of the country's old revolutionary bases, have been using the "Yimeng spirit" cultivated during China's struggle for liberation to power new development at their homeland.

The "Yimeng spirit" of hard work, self-improvement, selflessness and dedication has inspired generations of Chinese people and even today continues to shine in many ways, including the local people's fight against poverty.

Zhujialin countryside complex in Linyi's Yinan county has been transformed from once dilapidated mountain villages into idyllic resorts. The complex covering a total area of 28.7 square kilometers is now home to 10 administrative villages and 16,000 people.

The concept of green development has been applied to the construction of the complex. It has implemented measures such as the restoration of local water systems, the afforestation of more than 267 hectares of land, and the planting of 1.6 million trees.

The area's old buildings have been renovated into distinctive homestays, cafes and small cinemas, yet their original architectural styles, such as the stone walls, have all been preserved.


The distinctive stone walls of old buildings in Zhujialin countryside complex have all been preserved. [Photo by Wang Jing/chinadaily.com.cn]

Efforts have been made to establish platforms aimed at boosting innovation and entrepreneurship. The local government has released a batch of 16 preferential policies to help the complex build major platforms in six areas, such as technological support, talent cultivation, e-commerce logistics and financial support.

To date, the complex has welcomed 21 industrial projects with an overall investment of 1.69 billion yuan, including the Andros fruit processing project.

"The complex has played a vital role in integrating resources from both urban and rural areas and has helped bring consumers and producers together, promoting the development of rural revitalization," said Shao Changwen, the person in charge of Shandong Xiyu Biotechnology, which is located in the complex.

The company works in areas such as the R&D of agricultural biotechnologies, bacterium fertilizer and the plantation of agricultural products. "The company is estimated to have annual profits of around 200,000 yuan," said Shao.

Shao is also a professor in genetics and molecular biology at Linyi University. He noted that laboratory work cannot by itself solve the real-life problems occurring in agricultural production, but with the help of Zhujialin as a field research base, his scientific research outcomes can be put into practice.


Two farmers walk along the lane in Zhujialin countryside complex. [Photo by Wang Jing/chinadaily.com.cn]


A local artist captures the beauty of Zhujialin countryside complex. [Photo by Wang Jing/chinadaily.com.cn]