Strawberries ready for picking in Jinan

(| Updated : 2020-12-31

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Strawberries are packed by farmers in the Hongmei Farm. [Photo/WeChat account: jnslyj]

Hongmei Farm, a strawberry plantation in Licheng district, Jinan, is expected to commence its harvest by the end of this December and open its doors to visitors.

Established in 2014, the 40-hectare farm only started planting strawberries in 2019. Today, strawberry planting has become a common business undertaken by the locals.

The planation currently has 102 greenhouses, 17 of which are state-of-the-art.

Strawberries are grown on rows of 1.2-meter-high shelves in the greenhouses, cultivated using with purified water and nutrient solutions, with zero pesticides used.

The greenhouses are equipped with many sensors to monitor elements such as air humidity, temperature, and sunlight so as to create the optimal growing environment for strawberries, said Li Maodong, an advisor of the farm.

With its unique latitude, temperature, water and soil, the area has become one of the best sites for planting strawberries. It has even attracted experts from Europe, America, Japan and South Korea to learn from its practices.

Location: No 1 Yuanqu Road, Yuanjia village, Dongjia subdistrict, Licheng district, Jinan

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