French hotel manager tells his story of Jinan

(| Updated : 2020-11-05

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Francois Guillocher is the general manager of a five-star hotel in Jinan. [Photo/]

Francois Guillocher came to Shandong from France four years ago and is currently the general manager of the Sofitel Silver Plaza in Jinan, the capital of Shandong province.

Francois, 58, has worked in the hotel industry for 42 years and has been employed at different hotels in eight countries.

With a deep appreciation for Jinan's cultural heritage, he is keen to combine the inspiration he has received from locals with hotel management to create new types of cuisine.

"Qilu Culture Banquet is one of our hotel's signature dishes. It is inspired by the 12 Shandong historical and cultural celebrity sculptures in the cultural corridor of Quancheng Square in Jinan,” Francois said.

The dishes have garnered considerable attention and praise since being launched. "As a foreigner, every innovation is a surprise to me," he added.


Featured dishes designed by Sofitel Silver Plaza in Jinan, the capital city of Shandong province [Photo/]

Francois has adapted to life in Jinan and has fallen deeply in love with the city. He particularly enjoys collecting local handicrafts and proudly displays a painting of Daming Lake, a wood carving and a cloth tiger in his office.

His work and life in Shandong have greatly inspired him. "What I feel in my life, the selection of ingredients, the design of dishes and the creative planning of hotel activities have given me a lot of inspiration," said Francois.

He also hopes to share Shandong's culture with more people to help them better understand the profound Chinese traditions and unique charm of Shandong province.