Shandong time-honored brands to shine at CIIE

(| Updated : 2020-11-04

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A total of 60 time-honored brands from Shandong province will be shown at the third China International Import Expo, slated to be held in Shanghai from Nov 5 to 10.

The Shandong exhibits cover six categories, including arts and crafts, gourmet food, traditional Chinese medicine, apparel and accessories, wine, and condiments.


A special exhibition area highlighting Shandong culture and representative brands will open during the third China International Import Expo. [Photo/]

A dazzling array of famous Shandong brands and traditional cultural items will be presented to visitors, such as Dezhou braised chicken, Tsingtao beer, Dong-E E-Jiao (donkey-hide gelatin), Shandong-style pancakes, paper cuttings, and Zibo-made ceramic products.

During last year's edition, 23 time-honored brands from Shandong attended the event, attracting about 100,000 visitors, while the on-site sales revenue reached 4.51 million yuan ($671,237) and various sales intention orders were valued at 33.57 million yuan.


Ceramic products and color-glazed earthenware from Zibo, Shandong province will be shown at the expo. [Photo/]

Yefengsu, a food company that produces Shandong-style snacks and specialties based in Jinan, signed 5 million yuan in sales orders with Lagardere Services China (Shanghai) Co, a subsidiary of French travel retail giant Lagardere Group, during the second CIIE.

This year, the company has brought its classic pancakes, hawthorn-made products, sweets made of sorghum syrup, and more.

"Famous scenic spots in Jinan are printed on the products' packages in order to promote Jinan," said a staff member of Yefengsu.

The on-site sales of Liangzi black pottery, an ICH enterprise from Dezhou, reached more than 1.39 million yuan last year, and orders were valued at 2.1 million yuan during last year's expo.

This year, the black pottery enterprise will also host live streaming shows of the black pottery production process in order to promote them.


Traditional crafts from Shandong will be exhibited at the expo. [Photo/]

This year, time-honored brands and intangible cultural heritage enterprises from Shandong will be exhibited on a long-term basis at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre in Shanghai after the CIIE.