Chinese National Geography opens first camp in Zibo

(| Updated : 2020-10-21

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The renowned domestic magazine Chinese National Geography opened its first camp in Boshan district, Zibo, Shandong province on Oct 20 to promote the development of local cultural tourism.

During his speech at the opening ceremony, Li Shuanke, publisher and editor-in-chief of Chinese National Geography, said he is thrilled that the publication's first camp will be in Zibo.


Chinese National Geography opens its first camp in Boshan district, Zibo. [Video provided to]

"There are nine major biomes in the world, eight of which are present in China. No country in the world has natural resources like China's, so we need to make better use of them," Li said.

He also said that the camp will consist of activities meant to promote tourism and geophysical research and raise awareness of the importance of preserving the environment.

Bi Rongqing, director of Zibo's publicity department, said that Zibo is located in a transitional zone between Shandong's central mountain area and the northern plains. It boasts a long history, rich culture, and unique natural landscapes.

According to Bi, the city has been ramping up efforts to boost local tourism, and the launch of the camp is expected to inject new momentum into the sector's development.

The camp also includes an interactive experience area to teach people about historical geography. Courses on insects, plants, fossils, and more will be available, according the manager of the camp.


Visitors can learn about geography and experience nature at the camp of Chinese National Geography in Zibo. [Photo/]


The camp is located in a picturesque scenic area in Boshan district, Zibo. [Photo/]


The camp is expected to attract more tourists to Zibo. [Photo/]