Have a bite of Zaozhuang

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2020-07-15

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Food can help connect people to a city. When you tour Zaozhuang, Shandong province, here are some of the city's tastiest delicacies that you should try.


Peppery chicken is one of the most renowned delicacies of Zaozhuang. This dish of stir-fried chicken boasts fragrant flavors and is an indispensable element in local banquets. [Photo/WeChat account: zaozhuanglvyou5798]


The golden yellow vegetable pancake comes with a crisp exterior and interiors stuffed with fresh and fragrant fillings. It is a popular snack and staple dish in Zaozhuang. [Photo/WeChat account: zaozhuanglvyou5798]


It is a custom in Zaozhuang to drink mutton soup during sanfu as it is believed that mutton, which is "hot" in nature, can relieve internal cold. In the Chinese Lunar Calendar, sanfu refers to the three 10-day periods - Toufu, Zhongfu and Mofu - that are supposed to be the hottest days of the year. [Photo/WeChat account: zaozhuanglvyou5798]


Braised carp from Weishan Lake is another popular dish in Zaozhuang. Serving a carp in its entirety is seen as a symbol of prosperity in Chinese culture. Carps are always served whole during banquets. [Photo/WeChat account: zaozhuanglvyou5798]


The daylily beef noodle is a popular dish in Zaozhuang, Shandong province. [Photo/WeChat account: zaozhuanglvyou5798]


Spicy soup comprising bean curd slices, starch noodles and dried day lily buds is a breakfast favorite in Zaozhuang. The soup is usually accompanied by fried dough sticks and steamed buns. [Photo/WeChat account: zaozhuanglvyou5798]


The crispy skin and tender flesh of the Shanting baked whole-sheep in Zaozhuang makes this dish one of the most popular in the city. The meat is cooked directly over burning wood, which adds another flavor dimension to the dish. [Photo/WeChat account: zaozhuanglvyou5798]


The fish ball soup with carrot, Chinese black fungus and Chinese cabbage is a traditional dish in Zaozhuang. The fish balls are made from the flesh of wild snakehead fish from Weishan Lake. [Photo/WeChat account: zaozhuanglvyou5798]