Chinese rose festival to open in Weihai town

(| Updated : 2020-06-11

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Xiaoguan town in Weihai's Wendeng district will host a Chinese Rose Cultural Festival on June 13-14 to attract more tourists and promote its rural sightseeing sites.

Various events will take place during the festival, including flower shows, cultural performances, a qipao fashion show and a photo contest.

The Donglangnuan village in the town has planted more than 20 varieties of roses in a 133,333-square-meter area. The roses are now in full bloom.

Local officials said that flower planting has brought more visitors to the village and helped developed related industries, in turn increasing the incomes of local villagers.


Chinese roses are in full bloom in Donglangnuan village of Xiaoguan town in Weihai, Shandong province. [Photo/]


Kids walk among the rose fields in Xiaoguan town of Weihai, Shandong province. [Photo/]


Visitors pose for photo with Chinese roses in Xiaoguan town in Weihai, Shandong province. [Photo/]