Shandong focuses on food security

(| Updated : 2020-06-10

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East China's Shandong province has launched new guidelines to bolster agricultural production, improve agricultural infrastructure, and guarantee food security.

The province aims to build 3.99 million hectares of high-standard cropland by 2020.

By 2022, the croplands are expected to cover an area of 4.33 million hectares and produce at least 50 million tons of grain per year. By 2025, the croplands are expected to cover an area of 5.33 million hectares.

Designated food production zones and important agricultural centers in the province are required to lead the development of high-standard croplands.

Counties with a solid foundation in grain production are encouraged to build high-standard croplands. By 2025, the number of such counties is expected to exceed 30.

The acquisition of farmlands for illegal purposes will be penalized, according to local officials.

The province will take measures to promote the development of modern agricultural facilities and high-efficiency water-saving irrigation systems in rural areas.

It will also create more channels for rural residents to find employment and work to increase their incomes, in addition to promoting poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

Shandong will also double down on efforts to develop major transportation and water conservation projects to improve the living environments for rural residents.