Dongying NPC deputy makes motion on building national petrochemical industry base

(| Updated : 2020-05-27

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Zhang Jinhai, a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress, submitted a motion about building a national petrochemical industry base in Dongying city, Shandong province during the third session of the 13th NPC.

"Dongying is an important base that ensures national energy security. About 80 percent of Sinopec Shengli Oilfield's oil and gas reserves and 85 percent of its oil and gas production are in Dongying," said Zhang.


Zhang Jinhai, a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress from Shandong's Dongying city [Photo/]

"The Bohai Bay oilfields of China National Offshore Oil Corporation have 20 percent of oil reserves, 33 percent of natural gas reserves and 16 percent of oil production off the coast of Dongying city."

This year, CNOOC discovered an oilfield with proven reserves of more than 100 million tons in northeastern Bohai Sea, which could supply 1 million vehicles with fuel for more than 20 years.

Zhang said that the new oil field will bring new development opportunities to Dongying.


File photo from Xinhua.

In addition, Dongying has a solid industrial foundation, with a crude oil processing capacity exceeding 70 million tons and a crude oil and liquid chemicals storage capacity surpassing 10 million cubic meters, according to Zhang.

The Dongying Port boasts the largest service port of oil and liquid chemicals in the Circum-Bohai Sea Region. The Dongying Port Economic Development Zone has the necessary conditions of industrial development and supporting facilities for the construction of a large-scale petrochemical industry base, Zhang said.