Qingdao bus stations adjust services

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2020-05-27

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Bus stations in Qingdao have adjusted their routes, departure times and ticket prices to better meet public demand with the arrival of the peak traffic season and the resumption of classes at colleges and universities.






Inquiry Hotline

1. Qingdao Long-distance Bus Station

Add: No 2 Wenzhou Road, Shibei district

Tel: 0532-83754240

2. Qingdao East Bus Station

Add: No 163 Shenzhen road, Laoshan district

Tel: 0532-88910011

3. Qingdao North Bus Station

Add: No 59 Chongqing North Road, Chengyang district

Tel: 0532-66918066

4. Qingdao Cangkou Bus Station

Add: No 513 Chongqing Middle Road, Licang district

Tel: 0532-87977111

5. Qingdao Haibo River Bus Station

Add: No 2A Hangzhou Branch Road, Shibei district

Tel: 0532-83750202

6. Qingdao Lijin Road Bus Station

Add: No 30 Lijin Road, Shibei district

Tel: 0532-86661961

7. Tourist Bus Station at Qingdao Railway Station

Add: No 1 Shanxian Branch Road, Shinan district

Tel: 0532-83730909