Yantai sees 100 freight trains depart for Europe, Central Asia this year

(Xinhua )| Updated : 2020-05-11

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JINAN-- A freight train loaded with tires and mechanical equipment departed for central Asian countries from Yantai, a coastal city in East China's Shandong province, on Saturday, according to the Yantai branch of Shandong High-speed Logistics Group Co Ltd.

Yantai has seen 100 freight trains depart for Europe and Central Asia since the beginning of this year, exceeding the total number from last year.

The commodities on the train include tires produced by Linglong Tire, a Chinese tire manufacturer, with a total value of 2.48 million yuan (about $350,000). The freight train is expected to arrive in the central Asian countries in 10 days.

The branch company works with Yantai Customs to facilitate the clearance process to promote exports.