Shandong helps Taiwan-invested enterprises resume work amid epidemic

(| Updated : 2020-05-08

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East China's Shandong province has adopted a series of measures to help Taiwan-invested enterprises resume operations while also strengthening epidemic prevention and control measures, according to the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of Shandong.

The targeted measures include securing epidemic prevention materials, granting financial support, and helping Taiwan enterprises benefit from local policies and resume operations in an orderly manner, said local officials.

Taiwan-invested enterprises also have equal access to general support policies meant to help companies overcome difficulties in Shandong, officials said.

Shandong has provided over 1 billion yuan ($141 million) in bank loans and financial support to Taiwan-funded enterprises amid the epidemic to help them continue operating.

The Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office in Shandong has also helped Taiwan enterprises purchase epidemic prevention materials, including more than 110,000 masks and 5 tons of disinfectant.

The Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of Shandong and related offices in the province's 16 cities have opened 24-hour hotlines to offer services for and answer questions from citizens of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. The offices have also provided services to Taiwan compatriots living on the mainland and assisted them in returning to the mainland.

About 99 percent of Taiwan-funded enterprises above designated size have now resumed production in Shandong, said Liu Yuan, director of the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of Shandong.

Since the beginning of this year, Shandong has approved 12 new Taiwan-funded projects, and its actual use of capital from Taiwan is valued at 430 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 57.26 percent.

In addition, two Taiwan-funded enterprises have increased their investment in Shandong by 240 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 131 percent.

Shandong has also signed five deals for Taiwan-invested projects valued at more than $10 million, demonstrating the confidence Taiwan companies have in the future of Shandong, said Liu.