Winding road helps mountain village rise above poverty

By Tian Ameng| ( )| Updated : 2019-11-07

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Yijia village, located in the hinterland of the mountain in Tingkou town, Qixia city in East China's Shandong province, has unfavorable natural conditions. It is dominated by mountainous areas, has little arable land, and lacks drinking water and roads.

In 2017, as secretary of the village's Party branch, Yi Yuanliang organized villagers to build a 5.5km long and 5.5-meter wide hilly road that winds its way on the barren mountain.

Since then, Yijia village has transformed from a poor village into an ecological civilization village, which also gives villagers the hope of eliminating poverty.

Now Yijia village, like a deep mountain flower, is blooming with great progress.

This video is the fourth in our series The Flaming Happiness.