Shandong secures central government fund for agricultural development

( )| Updated : 2019-07-31

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A total of 1.75 billion yuan ($254.3 million) was recently allocated by the central government to East China's Shandong province to reward the province's 106 major grain-producing and oil-producing counties.

Shandong province is one of the major grain production bases in China, and its annual grain output ranks among the top three in the country. Its grain output reached 53.195 billion kilograms in 2018, accounting for about eight percent of the country's total.

This year, 97 counties were included in the list of major grain-producing counties, receiving a reward of 1.582 billion yuan.

On this basis, four super grain-producing counties, namely Pingdu, Qihe, Caoxian and Yuncheng were awarded 66.65 million yuan totally.

The province's major oil-producing counties were awarded 94.93 million yuan totally.

The incentive funds will mainly be used for grain and oil acquisition, storage, circulation, processing, as well as covering other expenditures.

The province's bases for production of hybrid seeds were also awarded.