Exhibition highlights Shandong culture in Ukraine

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2019-07-09

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An exhibition featuring intangible culture heritages from East China's Shandong province was held recently in Kiev, capital of Ukraine.

A dazzling array of Shandong's iconic cultural legacies was displayed, including Dongming grain paintings, Laixi puppet shows, Weifang kites, and traditional martial arts.

The province's intangible cultural heritage inheritors were also invited to showcase their expert skills to help visitors better understand the traditional Chinese crafts.

An art exhibition was also held to display Shandong province's unique cultural charm and picturesque scenery, offering insight into the natural landscape and cultural atmosphere of Mount Tai, Yimeng Mountain, the Yellow River, the Grand Canal, three Confucius sites, and other locations.

The event was supported by the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine and hosted by the Shandong provincial department of culture and tourism.

More than 100 people, including government officials, artists, representatives of the art and cultural scenes of both countries, as well as the local sinologists association participated in the opening ceremony.

Yu Jie, vice governor of the Shandong provincial government, said that Shandong province is considered one of the cradles of Chinese civilization and it is the hometown of Confucius and Mencius. It has a long history, as well as a rich and solid cultural base.

Yu added that Shandong has nurtured a wealth of intangible cultural heritages over time and boasts wonderful natural landscapes, while Ukraine, with its unique cultural resources, is a world famous tourist destination. The two sides have huge potential and bright prospects for cooperation in the fields of culture, tourism, science, and technology.

Yu expressed his hope that the two sides would take this event as an opportunity to further build consensus, enhance their bilateral friendship, promote people-to-people and cultural exchanges, as well as strengthen cultural and tourism cooperation between Shandong and Ukraine.


Yu Jie, vice governor of the Shandong provincial government, delivers a speech at the opening ceremony of the cultural exhibition in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. [Photo/sdwht.gov.cn]


Artists from Shandong province stage a dazzling puppet performance during the opening ceremony. [Photo/sdwht.gov.cn]


Visitors admire traditional Chinese calligraphy at the exhibition in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. [Photo/sdwht.gov.cn]


A performer stages traditional martial arts performance during the exhibition in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. [Photo/sdwht.gov.cn]


Han Guorui, a folk artist specializing in Dongming grain painting, shows visitors how to paint with ordinary, simple grains and seeds. [Photo/sdwht.gov.cn]