Shandong University seeks co-op with top Singaporean and Australian universities

(| Updated : 2019-04-16

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The president of Shandong University leads a delegation to visit Singapore and Australia from April 4 to 10. [Photo/]

A delegation from Shandong University led by its president Fan Liming visited Singapore and Australia from April 4 to 10 with the aim of building partnerships with top universities of the two countries.

The destinations in Singapore included Nanyang Technological University where agreement was reached to build a joint artificial intelligence research institute, and the National University of Singapore where they discussed building a joint biomedicine research institute.

Also, the delegation went to the University of Melbourne on April 8, where a teaching and scientific cooperation agreement was inked.

According to the agreement, the two universities will strengthen cooperation in fields of science and technology, engineering, chemistry, mathematics and medicine, as well as in student and teacher training and exchanges.

At Monash University, the two sides agreed to work together on student training and scientific research in fields of commercial science, economics, science, engineering, and information science, and discussed the establishment of a joint graduate school.

At the University of Sydney, the leaders also discussed cooperation in student training and scientific research in fields of commercial science, chemistry, computer science, information science and medicine, and reached consensus on the establishment of joint labs in computer and information sciences.

During the week-long visit, the delegation also met Chinese Ambassador to Singapore Hong Xiaoyong, and Chinese Consul-General in Sydney Gu Xiaojie, who gave suggestions on cooperation between Shandong University and top Singaporean and Australian universities.