Shandong marine ranches facilitate industrial system

(| Updated : 2019-02-20

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East China's Shandong province is to build marine ranches for the development of marine economy. [Photo/Xinhua]

Shandong, a strong maritime province in East China, will spare no efforts to build 32 national-level marine ranching demonstration areas for the development of a modern marine industrial system, according to the 2018 work report of the provincial government.

A marine ranch is a certain sea area in which fishermen adapt large-scale fishery facilities and systematic management systems to utilize raise marine resources such as fish, shrimp, shellfish and algae in the natural marine environment.

"The plan for marine ranches serve as an effective solution to protect marine living resources, improve the ecological environment of the sea, and provide more quality and safe aquatic products," said Mo Zhaolan, a researcher of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences.

With outstanding advantages in marine resources, industry and technology, Shandong has undertaken unique explorations in marine ranching development in recent years.

Those explorations are at the forefront in the country as Shandong seeks to promote the transformation and upgrading of fisheries.

"However, compared with the international advanced level, the development of China's marine ranches is still in its infancy. As for Shandong province, outstanding problems still exit in its current development of marine ranches, such as relatively lower construction standards, unclear management systems and insufficient management investment," Mo said.

In Mo's view, Shandong should give priority to ecological protection. 

"It is not an easy task for Shandong to make breakthroughs and set a good example in the country. More efforts should be made to achieve the goal in the coming three years."

"The 32 demonstration areas are all located in the Jiaodong peninsula, abundant in fishery resources but backward in marine ranching development," said Zhang Shandong, director of the Municipal Bureau of Marine Development and Fisheries of Dongying city in Shandong province, adding that it is urgent to transform and upgrade local industry and improve quality and efficiency.

Mo suggested that joint efforts of the government, enterprises and fishermen are required to facilitate the development of the marine ranches. Also, social capital, private capital and foreign capital are welcome to expand their financing channels for marine ranches research.

"Possessing many marine research institutes, Shandong should take full advantage of science resources to commercialize the achievements in relevant research by promoting cooperation between institutes and enterprises," Zhang said.

Zhang Guofang, the director of Qingdao bright moon seaweed group, a high-tech company engaged in marine biomedicine, one of the categories of marine industry, gave his views on the collaboration of various industries.

"The marine industry involves many categories. In the long run, it is important to integrate Shandong's competitive industries into a complete marine industrial system with overall planning and key breakthroughs," he said.