Discover Shandong University through foreign students' lens

( )| Updated : 2018-11-29

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Shandong University, one of the most prestigious comprehensive universities in the country, recently held an essay and photography competition themed on "SDU Discovery" to cater to its foreign students.

Focusing on the university's landscapes, campus life and activities, the competition was designed to deepen foreign students' understanding of the university and the country, as well as encourage them to share their stories and experiences from their time at the university.

Let's have a look of some of the photography entries.


Mongolian student Mandakh Lkhagvadolgor, from Shandong University's College of International Education, captures a bird perching on the tree. [Photo/] 


Pakistani student Mian Nabeel Anwar, from Shandong University's School of Life Science, captures a pair of cicada sloughs on campus. [Photo/]


Photo by Mandakh Lkhagvadolgor captures a falling leaf during autumn on campus. [Photo/] 

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