Intl Fruit, Vegetable and Food Expo sees fruitful results

(| Updated : 2018-11-12

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Forums on the application of intelligent technologies are held during the three-day exposition. [Photo provided to]

The 19th International Fruit, Vegetable and Food Expo, lasting for three days, closed in Yantai on Nov 11, generating an estimated turnover of 1.32 billion yuan ($189.9 million), based on intended purchase data.

Co-organized by the People's Government of Shandong province and Ministry of Commerce, the exposition gathered 518 exhibitors from home and abroad such as Yihai Kerry, a diversified overseas Chinese enterprise managing grain and oil processing and trade and Kewpie, a Japanese company managing in sauce production.

Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, the exposition was divided into six exhibition areas, covering different aspects in the industry such as the further processing of fruit and vegetables and seed production.


Promotion fairs are organized to boost further cooperation among companies in the near future. [Photo provided to]

It allowed upstream and downstream firms of the industrial chains to cooperate with each other and lay a solid foundation for the development of characteristic agriculture in Shandong.

The exposition offered a platform for industry elites to discuss the development and innovation trends in the agricultural sector, organizing forums on the application of intelligent technologies in agriculture and innovations in fresh food retail. Promotion fairs were opened during the exposition to promote further cooperation and communication among companies.