Shandong: Papermaking enterprise tries to protect environment

( )| Updated : 2018-10-18

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As a leading enterprise in domestic paper industry, Sun Paper Group in Jining city of Shandong province has increased its R & D investment on areas such as environmental protection, in order to upgrade traditional industries and achieve sustainable development.

Adhering to the high-end, high-quality, efficient and green development concept, the enterprise funded a total of 5.6 billion yuan ($8 million) for environmental protection. Its sewage treatment has reached the world's leading level and it has already achieved ultra-low atmospheric emissions and recycled solid waste.

Wang Wei, manager of enterprise's environmental protection and energy conservation department said that the enterprise has attached great importance to environmental protection and will promote the construction of green factories to contribute to the sound environment. 

Besides, the company has also realized intellectualized and automated production on 300,000 tons of high-grade light paper project; with world-class paper machines imported from Germany and high-quality wood pulp selected as raw materials to ensure the world advanced level of paper, according to Wu Wenchun, head of the high-grade light paper project. 

At present, Sun Paper has more than ten international most advanced pulping and papermaking production lines and several R & D centers such as state-level technical center and academician workstation. It takes the lead in economic benefits of its kind around the country.

Starting from this year, several projects have been put into production, including 200,000 tons of high-grade special paper projects and 300,000 tons of chemical pulp projects in Laos.

Ying Guangdong, vice-general manager of the enterprise said that the enterprise will spare no efforts to invest in new materials industry in order to promote new technology and industrial transformation.


The logo of Sun Paper Group is seen on the company's building. [Photo/]


The Sun Paper Group in Jining city of Shandong province is a leading enterprise in domestic paper industry. [Photo/]


The plant of  Sun Paper Group. [Photo/]