Jining National High-tech Industrial Development Zone

(chinadaily.com.cn )| Updated : 2018-10-16

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The Jining National High-tech Industrial Development Zone was established in May 1992. It administers five neighborhoods with a population of 250,000 and an area of 255 square kilometers.

The high-tech zone belongs to the national science and technology innovation service system. It is an innovative industrial cluster and a strategic emerging industry intellectual property cluster. 

It is also a pilot zone for technology entrepreneurship incubation chain, provincial-level personnel management reform and science and technology finance.

The high-tech zone is accelerating the conversion of new and old growth drivers, promoting the system and mechanism innovation and smart city construction, to ensure its advanced position as a demonstration and leading zone in Jining city and also among other national high-tech zones. 

It has four national industrial bases for construction machinery, photoelectric information, biotechnology, textile new materials and the national Beidou industrialization application demonstration base. 

Many Fortune 500 companies have settled and brought investments into the high-tech zone, including HP, Oracle, IBM, Komatsu, BASF, Taiwan UMC and Huawei. 

A number of key enterprises such as Ruyi Technology Group, Shantui Construction Machinery Co, Integrity Optical Communication, Taifeng Hydraulic and Chenxin Pharmaceutical are among the top enterprises in the industry. 

It has set up some public platforms for personnel training, introduction and combination of production, education and research, including personnel alliance, colleges and universities, and university science and technology parks. 

The Jining University Park introduced a number of prestigious universities such as Shandong University and Fudan University. 

Training centers of HP, Oracle and other companies train 3,000 to 10,000 IT professionals every year. In the city, there are 160,000 professional and technical personnel in 57 vocational schools. 

The high-tech zone has built innovative carriers such as productivity promotion center, overseas students pioneer park, and production, education and research base. 

Seventeen public technology platforms have been opened for operation and three national technology business incubators have been built. 

The area where the various incubators are located has exceeded 2 million square meters. More than 100 engineering centers, doctoral workstations and academician workstations have formed an entrepreneurial service system covering the whole value chain of project discovery, team building, business incubation, technical support and legal business. 

The high-tech zone also developed a number of financial centers and gathered nearly 100 banks, securities, guarantees, insurance, funds and other financial institutions. 

It is also home to the first technology small loan company in Jining. The scale of 20 venture capital and angel funds exceeded 5 billion yuan ($721.9 million), providing comprehensive, professional and customized investment and financing solutions for technology enterprises and innovative personnel. 

The high-tech zone has accelerated the construction of Liaohe New District and expanded the core area to 17.6 square kilometers. 

It has built supporting facilities such as international schools, Grade III hospitals, science and technology centers, expert apartments, entrepreneurs parks and youth apartments. 

The regional overall environment has passed the ISO14001 certification. 

Jining National High-tech Industrial Development Zone has learned from other first-class high-tech zones. 

It built a first-class digitized citizen center and was the first to open an economic and social affairs service call center in the province. 

It is an area with least administrative approval procedures, the highest service efficiency, the best development environment and the strongest market vigor.

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