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Jiaxiang county is located in the southwest of Shandong province. It is under the administration of Jining city. The 960 square kilometer jurisdiction is divided into 10 towns, three residential districts and a provincial economic development zone. The current population is 900,000.

Jiaxiang is home to Zengzi, one of the five saints of Confucianism. The county has also been named as home of Lu Brocade (Lu is the short name of Shandong), to the Chinese stone sculpture and to the Chinese Suona Horn (a musical instrument).

Location and Transportation

Jiaxiang enjoys a favorable geographical location, being at a joint point between Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Hebei provinces. The whole southwestern region of Shandong is within its one-hour economic circle; the rest of Shandong as well as Jiangsu, Henan and Hebei provinces are within its two-hour circle; its three-hour economic circle provides a connection to the city clusters at the Bohai Sea Rim, Yangtze River Delta and the Central Plains.

The transport of Jiaxiang is convenient. A multi-mode transport system with water, land, railway and air transport has been developed. Jining's airport is located in Jiaxiang and provides 16 air routes to destinations including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Chengdu, Wuhan, Chongqing, Kunming, Qingdao, Xiamen and Shenzhen. 

The Rizhao-Dongming Highway, Jinan-Guangzhou Highway and Jining-Xuzhou Highway as well as National Road 327 and 105 run through the county. 

The Xinxiang-Shijiu Railway, which runs through the county, connects the Beijing-Kowloon Railway and Beijing Shanghai Railway. Jinghu High Speed Railway has a stop in Jining (at Qufu Station), from where Beijing can be reached in two hours and ten minutes and Shanghai in three hours and ten minutes. 

The largest rail-water port in Shandong is also within the county. It can handle up to 12 million tons of cargo every year.


Jiaxiang is coal rich, with a reserve of 2.6 billion tons. The four mines produce 7 million tons every year. Huaneng Jiaxiang Power Plant in the county has a 2 million-kilowatt unit being planned. 

The first stage of 660,000 kilowatts which has been put into use now provides sufficient power supply to local enterprises. The total water reserve in Jiaxiang totals up to 900 million cubic meters. Water quality in the area is good.

Within Jiaxiang and its neighboring areas are Qufu Normal University, Shandong Agricultural University, Jining University, Jining Polytechnic College, Shandong Polytechnic College and 57 secondary vocational schools. 

The county has 12 vocational schools offering professional training of various professions. One of the schools, Jiaxiang Vocational Secondary School is rated as a national key vocational school and can provide training for more than 20 professions.


After years of development, an industrial structure dominated by biological medicine, and the industries of fine chemicals, textile and clothing, mechanical processing, modern construction materials, food processing, cultural tourism and modern logistics has been formed in Jiaxiang.

Traditional industries enjoy their obvious advantages: the county has been titled "The City of Gloves in China",and is also a major cattle farming area in western Shandong; it also has a breeding base of small tail han sheep.

New industries are emerging: the county is a model base of prefabricated housing, one of the first batch of e-commerce model counties in Shandong and one of the 29 county-level logistics modes.

The county is also home to six Chinese famous trademarks, 12 well-known trademarks, 11 Shandong famous brand products; Jiaxiang stone sculpture, Jiaxiang feverfew, Jiaxiang small tail han sheep, Jiaxiang Dapulian pig have earned geographical indication trademarks.

A number of well-known enterprises from home and abroad, such as Towngas from Hong Kong, Cargill from the U.S., China Railway Construction Engineering Group and Sinoma Science and Technology, have set up their businesses in Jiaxiang, injecting a strong impetus into the county's economic development.

Investment Platforms

To undertake large industrial projects, Jiaxiang has planned and constructed the Jiaxiang Economic Development Zone, under which are Jining Biology Industrial Park, High Speed Rail Industrial Park and Food Industrial Park. 

In accordance with the characteristics of various towns and streets, the county has set up Macun Mechanical and Electrical Industrial Park, Mengguji Machinery Industrial Park, Laosengtang Jixiang Characteristic Textile Industrial Park, Liangbaosi New Material Industrial Park, Dazhanglou Wood Industrial Park and Huanggai Husbandry Industrial Park.

Investment Services

For projects landing in Jiaxiang, a full-range act-on-your-behalf coordinated service package will be provided. A project promotion work leading group, headed by the county's officials and teamed with members from development and reform, national resources, environmental protection, industrial and commercial, business, taxation and investment soliciting bodies of the county, will be responsible for the project's filing, environmental evaluation, industrial and commercial registration procedures until the project is put into operation.

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