Jinan steps up efforts to ease govt processes

(chinadaily.com.cn )| Updated : 2018-09-17

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Jinan in East China's Shandong province has sped up efforts to streamline government processes for both individuals and businesses.

The city's government affairs service center opened a comprehensive service window to provide people with integrated services by allocating government resources.

"The new service window deals with 23 administrative affairs of land and resources, public security, food and drug, health and family planning departments," stated An Jiwen, a deputy director at the service center.

Now people are not required to visit multiple service windows for running an errand, said An, adding that the integration of local departments saves time for people and improves the efficiency of the government.

According to An, the new service case can deal with more than 300 cases every day.

Measures were also adopted at the city's service center to establish a uniform e-platform for accessing government services and making sure that work requiring personal appearance will get done right away, without the need for a second trip.

The local transportation department led the city in pushing forward the e-platform. According to the department, about 108 service items offered by the transportation authority are accessible online.

These efforts came after the national "Run once at most" campaign, which was first launched in Zhejiang province in December 2016. The campaign aimed at simplifying application processes and minimizing administrative red tape at all levels to better serve the needs of Chinese and foreigners.

Regional governments in China, including Jinan municipal government, have undertaken efforts to establish a service-oriented ethic in governments.


A man consults at the service desk of the government affairs service center in Jinan, East China's Shandong province, Sept 11. [Photo by Liu Xiuhong/chinadaily.com.cn]


A man uses the self-service machine at the government affairs service center in Jinan, Shandong province, Sept 11. [Photo by Liu Xiuhong/chinadaily.com.cn]