Ancient kiln relics found in Shandong

(Xinhua)| Updated : 2018-08-12

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JINAN -- Archaeologists recently found a large number of kiln relics dating back to Sui Dynasty (581-618) in Jinan, East China's Shandong province.

The discovery was made at a site in Ningyang county. Nearly 10,000 pieces of kiln equipment and 1,000 items of porcelain were unearthed.

Xing Qi, a researcher at the provincial archaeological research institute, said the porcelain ware, including bowls, cups, plates, and pots, was mostly for daily use, but there were also some higher-end pieces found.

Wells, clay, and pits related to the production of porcelain were also discovered.

Experts said the discoveries offer valuable research material for the study of China's porcelain production industry in the Sui Dynasty (581-618).