Classic car culture festival held in Tai'an

(| Updated : 2018-07-25

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Tai'an, Shandong province hosted a classic car culture festival on July 15-16, exhibiting cars from through the ages and hosting forums on car culture.


The China Taishan Classic Car Culture Festival takes place in Tai'an, Shandong province on July 15-16. [Photo/WeChat account: qysdfy]

One highlight of the China Taishan Car Culture Festival was the Tai'an Classic Car Museum, where exhibited more than 300 old limousines of Chinese and foreign brands including Hongqi (Red Flag), Ford, Dodge, Desoto, Mercedes-Benz and Volga.

Another was an auto culture-focused forum, attended by a large number of officials, experts, and industry leaders such as Li Chunwei, deputy secretary general of Federation of Automobile Sports, and Jia Yanliang, designer of the first-generation Red Flag.

At the forum, attendees discussed the future development of the classic car industry, strengthened cooperation between various classic car associations, and the integration of culture, tourism, research and competition to boost the industry.

Additionally, racing teams from the Hong Kong-Beijing Rally, which consisted of more than 40 classic cars, stayed in Tai'an for two days and attended the festival.


The racers of the Hong Kong-Beijing Rally pose for a photo with a Red Flag car in the Tai'an Classic Car Museum on July 16. [Photo/WeChat account: qysdfy]

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