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Situated in the core urban district of Qingdao, a coastal city in eastern China, next to the site wherethe World Horticultural Exposition 2014 was held and surrounded by the Ocean University of China,Shandong University (Qingdao), and Qingdao National Laboratory of Marine Science and Technology.

QIAP aims to create an advanced platform for technological innovation and commercialization,distinctively characterized by rallying the brainpower of international academicians.

QIAP strives to operate with a global vision and by international standards, focusing on information technology, life science, design and development engineering, high-end equipment manufacturing,alternative energy and new materials. QIAP will attract academicians from across the world to conduct

scientific research and the commercialization of state-of-the-art technology. Within 3 years,it hopes to attract 10 of the world's top scientists and 100 renowned academicians from home and abroad to build a world-class and unique powerhouse for creation, innovation, entrepreneurship and academic funding.

Goal and problem-solving oriented, and relying on an innovative system and mechanism, QIAP aims to promote the integration of the strengths of the academies of sciences and academies of engineering; the communication between system and mechanism for scientific research in the West and China; the coordinated development of and seamless transition between R&D and commercialization; so as to set in motion the fl ow of institutions, human resources, facilities, capital and projects, to initiate a new phase of system innovation, integrated innovation and coordinated innovation.

Looking ahead, QIAP will uphold its motto of "facing up to problems, conquering difficulties, being creative, keeping ahead and remaining top-notch" and march firmly forwards, doing all it can to realize its dream by building a base camp for academicians to scale new heights in science and technology, as well as an ecosystem for creation and innovation that boasts both great originality and considerable scales of industry.

Research Project: Vaccines for Plants

Definition: Vaccines for plants increase their resistance to disease and tolerance for adversity by activating their immune system and regulating their (especially vegetables and fruit) metabolism.These vaccines fall into two categories, plant immunity inducer (such as protein, oligos, and glycoprotein biometabolites or bioactive molecules) and bacteria that induce immunity, such as Trichoderma and bacillus.

Technology goal: Aiming at tapping the global demand for vaccines for plants, to research in and develop vaccines for plants that are adaptive to other plants, soil and climates, which will remove global constrains on research and commercialization in the field.

1. Study in techniques in comprehensive biological pest control, generating fungal and viral strain resources and in genetically modifying strains.

2. Harmlessly mass-produce microbial metabolites through fermentation of engineered bacteria.

3. Manufacture synthesized or modifi ed natural compounds that are friendly to the environment and non-toxic to animals and humans.

4. Mass-produce or develop versatile vaccines for plants, which resist disease, promote growth,increase production and improve quality for crops.

QIAP cordially invites academicians globally to join us in the research and commercialization of vaccines for plants.

Contact information:

Contacts: Wang Junxian & Luo Luqiao

Tel: 86-532-8467 0756, 86 532-8467 0736

Email: wjx@qdiap.com, llq@qdiap.com

Website: www.qdiap.com

Address: 171 Jinshui Road, Licang District, Qingdao, Shandong, China