All-for-one tourism in Shandong sees significant development

(| Updated : 2018-06-26

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The Taierzhuang ancient town in southwest Shandong, with the Grand Canal running through its heart, as seen from above. [Photo/]

The phrase "all-for-one tourism" has been increasingly popular in the public domain since being mentioned in a government report last year, and Shandong province has seen vigorous development in this field over the past 12 months.

The East China province boasts abundant cultural resources and natural scenery and is home to 1,173 scenic spots, the most in China. In 2017, some 785 million tourists flocked to the province, bringing in more than 920 billion yuan ($144.44 billion) to the local economy.

What is all-for-one tourism?

All-for-one tourism means that a certain area can, to the utmost extent, satisfy all the demands of different tourists in the era of mass tourism.

In 2014, Shandong started to promote the diversity of cultural tourist destinations in the province, including Zhucheng, a prehistoric habitat of dinosaurs, the city of Jinan, famous for its springs, and the Grand Canal running though the province's many cities, from where tourists can enjoy many scenic views and buy a variety of products.

The Grand Canal is the longest as well as one of the oldest canals in the world and is also a famous tourist destination in China.

Taierzhuang ancient town in southwest Shandong is one of the cities along the Grand Canal and the ancient town has enjoyed prosperity once again by tapping into the resources offered by the canal.

"We integrated all the available tourism resources around the ancient town, such as the Grand Canal, the wetland and the countryside, to provide visitors various options and experiences," Cao Hengchao, president of Taierzhuang Ancient Town Tourism Co, said. "That's the spirit of all-for-one tourism."

At present, a total of 21 scenic spot areas in the province have been included in the national demonstration list of all-for-one tourism.

Meanwhile, the China's leading tourism province also established 45 tourist centers, 198 tourist information centers and built and reconstructed more than 16,500 lavatories in scenic spots to offer its tourists a more pleasant traveling experience.

Additionally, in a move to encourage more visitors, wi-fi has been made available in all of Shandong's main tourist destinations. 


Penglai Water City in Shandong is famous for its city wall of great antiquity and an elaborate maritime defense system. [Photo/]


Zhuge Liang cultural tourism area in Yinan county is a popular tourist destination in Shandong. [Photo/]