Jinan after dark: a glimmering festival of lights

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2018-06-15

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The Jinan publicity department recently launched a promo video of the city's fascinating landscape at night, in a bid to lure more visitors from home and abroad to have a good time in the city of springs.

With more than 800 natural artesian springs dotting its landscape and boasting natural beauty, the city of Jinan has long been hailed as Quancheng (City of Springs).

In recent years, Jinan has been promoting its time-honored histories, cultures as well as the renowned springs to give the city more appeal among tourists.

The video, produced by the Jinan Radio and Television Station, features the city's iconic landmarks, vibrant night life and captivating nightscape. It also highlights the dazzling water show at the Daming Lake, one of the three must-see tourist spots in Jinan.