SCO sends positive message

(China Daily)| Updated : 2018-06-12

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The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in Qingdao, Shandong province, on Saturday and Sunday, which brought together the heads of SCO member and observer states and relevant international and regional organizations, drew a blueprint for the SCO's development.

The world today is undergoing great changes and there are many pressing challenges. How can we correctly understand and grasp the general trend of the world and the trend of the times? How can we solve the problems of the times and defuse the looming risks and challenges?

President Xi Jinping presented Chinese solutions at the summit, advocating innovative, coordinated, green, open and sharing development, and a common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security outlook. He also urged countries to adopt an open, interconnected, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation perspective, based on equality, mutual learning and inclusiveness, and to promote a global governance concept based on dialogue and consultation, co-construction and sharing.

Xi's remarks gave new connotations to the Shanghai Spirit and set the direction for the SCO's future.

The Qingdao summit showed that the SCO members are working to build a community of shared future, promoting a new type of international relations, and making joint efforts for peace, stability and common prosperity in the SCO region

"President Xi's propositions are of great significance to today's international relations and cooperation" and "China has made historic contributions to the development of the SCO", participants said.

The SCO Summit in Qingdao is testimony that humankind can rally positive energy to promote world peace, stability, development and prosperity if all counties respect each other, pursue equality, justice and win-win cooperation, and discard obsolete zero-sum mindsets.

It shows that the organization has embarked on a new stage of its journey and will record a new chapter for the SCO in the adjustments of the world pattern.

(China Daily 06/12/2018 page8)