Shandong’s New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion Pilot Zone

(| Updated : 2018-05-11

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Taking three cities as bellwethers, achieving manifold breakthroughs in multiple cities and seeking integration and interaction

Full advantage will be taken of Jinan, Qingdao and Yantai’s competitive edges in economic strength and innovation resources to create a breakthrough in leveraging radiation effect for driving economic growth, and build up the major impetus for the new and old kinetic energy conversion.

Focusing on the national and provincial economic and technical development zones, high-tech zones and custom supervision zones of 14 cities like Zibo, Shandong will strengthen innovations in operation and management system of industrial parks, develop an economy with distinctive local features and industries with competitive advantages, and in addition create multiple growth points for regional economy with core competence.

Committed to industry integration, mutual benefits and win-win development, and grounded on each city’s reality and comparative advantages, Shandong will strive to build innovative mechanisms for coordinated regional development, deepen reform in upgrading industries, optimizing resource allocation, advancing infrastructure interconnectivity and protecting ecological environment so as to fuel its dynamic and dislocation development with distinctive features, and maximize the benefits for the whole province.


The 3D printing innovation service center in Nanhai New District of Weihai [Photo provided to]

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