Shandong promotes culture and technology integration

(| Updated : 2018-05-11

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The government of Shandong issued its 13th five-year plan, named The Implementation Plan for Major Projects of New and Old Energy Conversion, at the beginning of the year. The plan aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of development in the province.

It has been outlined that the development of integrated culture, science and technology should be promoted, as well as to cultivate a batch of cultural and technological enterprises with distinctive features and strong innovative abilities.

The plan highlights the need to strive to create a national demonstration base for cultural and technological integration.

Additionally, the plan mentions how Shandong will strengthen researchers' skills on emerging cultural format, which includes actively utilizing the "Internet Plus", enhancing the extensive uses of high technologies such as digital technology, acousto-optic multimedia and multi-dimensional display.

"In recent years, we have increasingly recognized the important role of science and technology in promoting culture", said Wang Lei, head of Shandong provincial department of culture.

Wang added that Shandong will also adopt relevant measures needed to boost the development of a new model for cultural technology that focuses on demand, deep integration, enhanced transformation, and collaborative innovation, while at the same time promoting the integration and development of the high-tech industry and cultural industry.