Yantai advances 'park city' construction

Updated : 2023-06-13


The coastal city of Yantai in East China's Shandong province has been ramping up efforts to develop and improve its greenery and landscapes as part of efforts to transform itself into a "park city".

According to the city's 2023 Government Work Report, Yantai will protect and develop its mountain and sea resources, construct 10 mountain parks, and upgrade Nanshan Park. More mountain and sea trails will be built this year to allow the public to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The city has also released an action plan to expand green spaces and open up new opportunities for tourism and leisure so as to transform itself into a "park city" and create a pleasant urban environment for locals.

Several parks with comprehensive facilities have been opened in Yantai in recent years, and they have not only improved the quality of the urban landscape but also provided residents with spaces to rest and relax.

These parks are located along urban roads, commercial blocks or residential areas and feature lawns, children's playgrounds, fitness greenways, squares and areas for leisure activities, social gatherings, entertainment and cultural displays.

A 20-kilometer waterside walkway along the mountains has also been built in Yantai.


Yantai has been accelerating efforts to become a "park city" that has a beautiful environment and leisure spaces for residents. [Photo/Dazhong News]