Yantai Summer Consumer Season Event to kick off

Updated : 2023-06-08


The forthcoming Yantai Summer Consumer Season Event is set to run from June through October, with locations spanning Bin Hai Square in Zhifu district and Yantai Sports Park.

The Summer Consumer Season has organized five significant events: 2023 Shandong Summer Consumer Season Opening Ceremony, Yantai Summer Delicacy Consumption, "Seafood Food Night Market" Opening Ceremony, Musical Carnival, and Star Concert. The 2023 Shandong Summer Consumer Season Opening Ceremony will be held at Bin Hai Square in the Zhifu district. The area is scheduled to be divided into five stages, including a live broadcast, a Night Tour of Yantai, a Conference Opening, a Launch Ceremony, and Visiting and Exhibition. The event will have 10 exhibition areas showcasing wine, seafood specialties, Yantai culture, internet celebrities' live broadcasts, and the automobile industry. After the ceremony, these exhibition areas will continue for three days, allowing citizens and tourists to enjoy interactive displays and taste local delicacies.

"The Seafood Food Night Market" covers 4,000 square meters with around 200 container booths to be installed. It will feature five functional areas: cultural and entertainment, specialty products market, specialty food, popular seafood food, and seafood barbecue stalls. This night-time attraction in Yantai city is designed to be the most prominent area offering a variety of formats, and it integrates eating, shopping, playing, and entertainment. The plan includes a 1,500 square-meter stage for performances, a centralized dining area with 100 barbecue seafood stalls, and 40 storage compartment markets. Creative and brand exhibition areas, as well as popular food markets, are also planned. Additionally, the site will have a 3,000-square-meter children's playground area and an on-site popular live broadcasting base. The overall planning and design include a total of 260 merchants.

Currently, the construction of the main venue is close to completion, while the sub-venues in various districts and cities have already been fully established. The investment promotion efforts for the top 10 exhibition areas have been successfully finished, and 204 exhibitors have been meticulously selected, with the exhibition arrangements fully underway.