Yantai Port opens first Mexico freight liner route

Updated : 2023-06-06



The "Tania" ship, loaded with construction machinery, sets sail from Yantai Port on May 29. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Yantai Port has successfully opened its first Mexico freight liner route, marking an important milestone in expanding its sea routes and strengthening its position as a key trading port.

The inaugural voyage of the "Tania" ship loaded with construction machinery set sail from Yantai Port on May 29, bound for Manzanillo Port in Mexico. This marked the official opening of Shandong's first Mexico freight liner route at Yantai Port.

Yantai Port has been proactive in diversifying its international cargo routes and increasing container capacity to facilitate transshipment. It has developed new export models focusing on high-value-added goods and miscellaneous items. Currently, Yantai Port has successfully opened more than 10 international cargo routes connecting Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Mexico. Notably, the annual transportation volume of the Yantai-Central Africa liner has exceeded 1.8 million metric tons, the Yantai-Southeast Asia liner has exceeded 1.5 million tons, and the annual volume of wind power equipment has exceeded 2 million tons.

Consistently ranked as China's primary trading port for Africa, the northern hub port for Southeast Asian general cargo, and a renowned wind power equipment operation hub in northern China, Yantai Port plays a vital role in facilitating the global reach of "Made in China" products.

During the operation of the "Tania" vessel at Yantai Port, a specialized team for ship operations was formed in collaboration with General Motors under the unified command of the Production Business Department. They implemented an innovative integrated service model that combines smart cargo handling with joint loading and unloading. Through the use of information technology and intelligent systems, the team achieved "fast loading and unloading, safety and stability, and optimal cargo matching".

Looking ahead, Yantai Port aims to further enhance the influence and core competitiveness of its distinctive business brands, contributing to the overall acceleration of high-quality development of ports in Shandong province.


The "Tania" ship carries out machinery loading tasks at the port. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]