ATSUGI increases investment in Huang-Bohai New Area

Updated : 2023-05-31


A ceremony to mark the commencement of a high-end textile project by ATSUGI (Yantai) was held in the Huang-Bohai New Area on May 30.

This is the fourth enterprise in the area backed by investment from ATSUGI. The $50-million facility is expected to produce 51 million pairs of high-end silk stockings and 14 million pairs of cotton stockings worth 600 million yuan ($84 million) when it is completed.


A commencement ceremony is held by ATSUGI (Yantai) in the Huang-Bohai New Area on May 30.  [Photo provided to]

Sustainability will be a key feature of the new facility. For example, the factory will have zero discharge of production wastewater as well as rely on photovoltaic power generation devices and unmanned automated warehousing to reduce its emissions.

ATSUGI is a listed Japanese company that has been investing in the Huang-Bohai New Area since 2001.

At present, there are more than 70,000 market entities, 13 listed companies, and 138 investment projects by Fortune 500 companies in the Huang-Bohai New Area. The area currently has 202 Japan-funded enterprises and 12 investment projects by Japanese companies in the Fortune 500 list, and is among the regions with the highest concentration of Japan-funded enterprises in China.

The area is currently focusing on building a Sino-Japanese industrial park and optimizing the layout of several strategic emerging industries to contribute to the economic development of both countries.