Dingziwan in Yantai contributes to cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao

Updated : 2023-05-30


Yantai plans to build Dingziwan into an international low-carbon open cooperation pilot zone to deepen the exchanges and cooperation between Shandong, Hong Kong, and Macao.

The Dingziwan "Dual-Carbon" Smart Valley is located in the southern part of Haiyang and is a strategic project promoted by the Yantai municipal government. It is essential for Haiyang to implement the national "Dual-Carbon" strategy and the development strategies of becoming a strong aerospace and marine power, as well as for the Shandong province's integrated development of the Jiaodong region.


A rendering of Dingziwan in Yantai. [Photo/Dazhong Daily]

Smart Valley is a strategic innovation area offering three distinct regions; east, middle, and west, each leveraging its advantages to promote specific industries and encourage economic growth.

The east region mainly benefits from nuclear power, wind power, photovoltaic power, and other sites, complemented by partnerships with the State Power Investment Corporation. Focusing on nuclear and offshore wind power, it has attracted much investment and leads the "New Energy + N" field.

Meanwhile, the middle region exploits its unique advantage of offshore launches. It relies on the Aerospace Science and Technology Group for growth, with 13 high-end aerospace industry projects already established, bringing a significant investment of 25.6 billion yuan ($3.5 billion).

The west area is relying on the national advanced energy demonstration zone project. It has attracted an investment of over 200 billion yuan, and critical projects such as Fuliti's new materials are being accelerated to promote clean energy and intelligent manufacturing industries. The Western region is strategically positioned beside Qingdao to accumulate strength and accelerate development steadily.

In addition to Dingziwan, Yantai is accelerating the construction of "one valley, one district, one island, one port", which includes the "3060" innovation zone, Changdao International Zero-carbon Ecological Island, and future sci-tech cities to create a blueprint of green energy, green industry, and green ecology.