• Health Town

    Health Town


    Designated right next to the most favorable section of Dawen River of Tai'an, the Health Town will be built into a high-end health community based on beautiful scenery of the area.

  • Revolution-era Tourism Basement

    Revolution-era Tourism Basement


    Red tourism, also called revolution-era tourism, Red tourism, also called revolution-era tourism, is gaining popularity in China as the government pumps money into developing sites related to the Chinese revolution and seeks cooperation with Russia.

  • Natural Sports Park

    Natural Sports Park


    The project, located at the open area of the mountains and river, is to develop an open ecological sports park.

  • Beauty & Health Center

    Beauty & Health Center


    The Beauty & Health Center is located on the east side of Mount Tai, right next to Tuku reservoir.

  • International Medical Equipment Industrial Park

    International Medical Equipment Industrial Park


    Tai'an national High-tech Industrial Development Zone was founded in 1994, approved by the state council and upgraded as national high-tech development zone in 2012.

  • Mountain Health Resort

    Mountain Health Resort


    Situated on the East side of Mount Tai, the health resort is endowed with great natural sceneries.

  • Taishan Comic & Animation Technology Cultural Industry Creative Park


    The project would cover an area of 4.93 hectares, with building area of 140,000 square meters.

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