National quality agricultural products evaluation station set up in Tai'an

( Updated: 2024-06-17

An unveiling ceremony for the Tai'an Experimental Station of the National Quality Agricultural Products Nutritional Evaluation and Assessment Institution was held at the Tai'an Institutes for Food and Drug Control on June 14.

This station, established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, aims to explore, protect, cultivate, and develop regional quality agricultural products. It will focus on improving varieties, enhancing quality, and building brands to promote the growth of high-quality and safe agricultural products.

The establishment of the Tai'an experimental station signifies a new milestone in the city's efforts to improve its technological innovation and support capabilities for agricultural product quality and safety.

Thanks to the joint efforts of Tai'an's bureau of agriculture and rural affairs and bureau of market regulation, products like "Xintai strawberries" and "Mount Tai pears" have been recognized as national quality agricultural products, significantly boosting the reputation and brand influence of Tai'an's agricultural products.

The Tai'an Institutes for Food and Drug Control will collaborate with the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences to establish a quality agricultural products evaluation institution. This partnership will provide technical guidance and quality assessment services, driving the development and branding of Tai'an's agricultural products and promoting high-quality growth, according to a manager of the institute.