Mount Tai illuminated for night climbing

( Updated: 2024-02-01


The illuminated path on Mount Tai in Tai'an. [Photo/WeChat account: sdta12301]

The Mount Tai Scenic Area announced on Jan 24 that they have installed lights along climbing routes, a project which has begun trial operations. From now on, there's no need to bring a flashlight for night climbing on Mount Tai.

The lights illuminate the mountain, with over 2,800 types of lamps installed along the climbing paths from Hongmen Gate to Nantian Gate and the railing area for watching the sunrise at the peak. There were also over 140 monitoring points added along the way.

The gentle lights illuminate the path without being too bright, allowing people to enjoy the night sky.

Hongmen Gate is lit from 6:30 pm to midnight, Zhongtian Gate is lit from 6:30 pm to 3 am, and Nantian Gate is lit from 6:30 pm to 6:30 am. These times are subject to seasonal adjustments.