Tai'an's economy presents steady growth in Jan-July

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2023-08-28

The economic performance of Tai'an has continued to steadily recover from January to July, according to the municipal bureau of statistics on Aug 26.

From January to July, the added value of Tai'an's industrial enterprises above the designated scale increased by 12.2 percent year-on-year. Twenty-five industries out of 37 achieved year-on-year growth in added value, with a growth coverage of 67.6 percent.

During the same period, the city's fixed asset investment increased by 9.8 percent year-on-year, ranking second in Shandong province regarding growth rate.

In critical areas, investment in the new economy proliferated, with a year-on-year increase of 15.5 percent in investment in the "four new" - new technologies, new industries, new forms of business, and new models – industries, accounting for 51.7 percent of total investment and an increase of 2.6 percentage points compared to the previous year.

Tai'an's retail sales of enterprises above a designated size increased by 10.4 percent year-on-year from January to July.

The city's total import and export volume reached 25.01 billion yuan ($3.43 billion), a year-on-year increase of 31.6 percent, with exports reaching 21.44 billion yuan, an increase of 35.1 percent, and imports reaching 3.57 billion yuan, an increase of 13.9 percent.

From January to July, Tai'an's general public budget revenue increased by 7 percent year-on-year to 15.77 billion yuan.