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Trade Facilitation

chinadaily.com.cn|Updated: May 12, 2022

1. Bonded and tax-exemption policies to reduce enterprises' costs

● Imported goods, transit goods, goods, raw materials and equipment stored in the bonded zone are exempt from customs duties and import value-added tax;

● Transactions in the bonded zone and those with other special customs supervision zones are exempt from value-added tax and consumption tax on domestic links of goods.

2. Measures for facilitated trade to improve enterprise efficiencies

● Coordinating the development of foreign and domestic trade to realize the integrated operation of both;

● Establishing a "single window" for international trade in the free trade zone;

● Pioneering as the first bonded crude oil blending business, "mixture upon unloading" of bonded iron ore blending, "integrated inspection, step-by-step passing" of imported cotton, "cloud weighing" and rapid identification of exported oil products, and intelligent identification of imported commodities, to develop an international commodity distribution center;

● Building an intelligent and information-based trading system to stimulate the trade industry development through financial means.

3. Professional institutions

● Port Logistics Service Center;

● National Rubber Testing Laboratory;

● National Latex Testing Laboratory;

● Drinks and Food Laboratory;

● National Cotton Testing Laboratory;

● China-South Korea Mutual Recognition AEO Laboratory.