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Delicious fish dishes in Jining

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 13, 2021

Jining in East China's Shandong province abounds with various kinds of fish and its local residents have a number of different methods to cook them.

Smoked fish


Smoked fish is nutritious and palatable. [Photo/jnnews.tv]

Smoked fish is one of Jining's municipal-level intangible cultural heritages. It is usually made of grass carps or herrings, and is rich with essential proteins, fats, and micronutrients. Due to its special cooking method, the fish is crisp outside and soft inside.

Linjiawan stewed fish


Linjiawan stewed fish is popular among Jining's local residents for its delicious taste. [Photo/jnnews.tv]

Linjiawan stewed fish is named after a hutong (alleyway) along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in Jining. There are usually seven or eight fried small fishes in a bowl. Local residents like to enjoy the dish with a special kind of pancake.

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