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Hospitals in Jining

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: December 29, 2020

Jining No 1 People's Hospital


General hospital campus: No 6 Jiankang Road, Jining city

East campus: No 269 Mencius Avenue, Jining national high-tech industrial development zone

West campus: 1,500 meters west of Jining Canal Capital Bridge (formerly Bali Temple Bridge)

Appointment Tel: +86-537-6056666


Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical University

Address: No 89 Guhuai Road, Jining

Appointment Tel: +86-537-2903271


Jining Psychiatric Hospital

Address: No 1 Jidai Road, Jining (No 3 bus terminal)

Appointment Tel: +86-537-3165307 (3165671)


Jining Maternal  and Child  Health Family Planning Service Center

Address: No 12 Gongxiao Road, Jining

Appointment Tel: +86-17553703928


Jining Infectious Diseases Hospital

Address: Yongjun Road, Rencheng district, Jining

Appointment Tel: +86-537-2042120


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