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Jining Economic and Technological Development Zone

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: December 14, 2020

Geography and transportation

Jining Economic and Technological Development Zone is located in the western part of Jining city and on the western side of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Its core area includes two towns – Tuanli and Maji.

The area is served by Jining Qufu Airport, which currently operates 12 domestic airlines. The rail-water intermodal logistics park built by Jinan Railway Bureau in the area has an annual throughput of 10.6 million tons. Xinshi (Xinxiang-Rizhao) railway, and Ridong (Rizhao-Dongming) and Jixu (Jinan-Xuzhou) expressway pass through the development zone.

Leading industry

There are four main industries in the development zone: equipment manufacturing, modern services, new energy and materials, and commercial logistics.

Master planning

Jining Economic and Technological Development Zone has a planned area of 150 square kilometers and a built-up area of 30 sq km.

The master plan divided the zone into three major functional areas: a central comprehensive support service area (starting area), a southern commercial logistics area and a northern industrial development area.

  • Central comprehensive support service area

The service area covers 40 sq km and is located in the core of the development zone. It is the gathering place of the main urban area of Jining and Jiaxiang new area, and the center of the development zone.

The layout of the service area has accessible amenities for living and business operations. It undertakes a number of functions including industrial development, financial services and public administration, and combines an eastward development strategy of the urban area of Jiaxiang county to construct a modern new area and accelerate the integration of the regional metropolitan area.

The central comprehensive support service area focuses on the development of service industries including a headquarters economy, finance and intermediary consulting, scientific research incubation, business exhibitions, high-end residences, and interacts with the northern industrial development area and the southern commercial logistics area to establish an urban complex featuring green industries and integrating a variety of functions.

  • Southern commercial logistics area

The southern commercial logistics area covers 60 sq km in the south of the Yanshi (Yanzhou-Shijiusuo) Railway and north of Linhe Road. It undertakes functions such as logistics and warehousing, information consultation services, public administration, industrial and commercial services.

The area relies on the Jining Qufu Airport, a tributary of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and the Xinshi (Xinxiang-Rizhao) Railway, and focuses on the introduction of professional, industry-specific logistics and special large logistics enterprises to develop a comprehensive logistics industrial base that integrates distribution, processing, warehousing and trading with bulk goods such as machinery, steel, timber, agricultural materials and coal.

  • Northern industrial development area

The northern industrial development area covers 50 sq km and mainly houses  major equipment manufacturing projects. The area relies on existing industries and extends industrial chains, concentrating on the development of advanced manufacturing, new energy and materials, food and other industries to create a new industrial production base.


Jining Economic and Technological Development Zone [Photo/jkq.jining.gov.cn]