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Taibai Lake new area

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: December 11, 2020

Establishment: February 2008

Population: 120,000

Area: 133 square kilometers

Administrative divisions

Taibai Lake new area consists of a town – Shiqiao – a subdistrict – Xuzhuang, and 64 villages.


Taibai Lake new area will be the main center of Jining city in the future. The new area is located in the southern part of the city, bordered by Weishan Lake to the south and the old city to the north. It is surrounded by the Sihe River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, with the old canal and the Guangfu River running through it.

Taibai Lake new area is positioned as an executive business center, a science and education cultural base, a leisure resort, and an ecological and livable new city in Jining.

The functional positioning of the new area determines that its industrial development should focus on building a modern tertiary service industry. It will develop the lifestyle service industry, such as cultural tourism, leisure and vacation, medical and health care, modern trade, real estate, catering and community services, and build a modern producer service industry based on financial business, scientific and technological information, cultural creativity and exhibition services.

In the future, Taibai Lake new area will be a more convenient area for the public to live in and attract more people by guaranteeing a high standard of living.

Taibai Lake scenic area is located in the south of the new area. The scenic area covers 22 sq km and a water area of 8.9 sq km. It was promoted to a national 4A level tourist attraction in 2013. After years of development, Taibai Lake scenic area has become an ecological tourism resort integrating sightseeing, leisure and vacation, wetland protection and water purification.


Natural scenery in Taibai Lake new area [Photo/bhdjq.jining.gov.cn]