Foreign couple falls in love with Weihai

(| Updated : 2022-01-14

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Loraine Hemingway is from California, the United States and has been living in Weihai for six years. She met her husband Max Hemingway and started a family in the city.


The Hemingways are making a new life in Weihai. [Photo/]

For Loraine, Weihai is the city she has been interested in for many years, and said that she moved to the city "to breathe freely". Having lived in several countries before settling in Weihai, she was deeply attracted to the city, which is surrounded by mountains and the sea.

"Weihai is rich in mountain and sea resources, creating a clean and fresh urban environment that makes everyone feel friendly and comfortable when they come here," Mrs Hemingway said.

"You can always see beautiful beaches in Weihai. Compared with big cities, the rhythm here is comfortable and residents have a high sense of happiness," Mrs Hemingway added.

In the past two years, there have been more and more parks opening in Weihai, and the infrastructure for children has also been enriched. More and more tourists have gotten to experience the city's picturesque landscape after a highway opened up for road trips in 2021.

Mrs Hemingway said that coming to Weihai has been part of her journey to find her cultural roots as her father is Chinese.

For Max, he speaks highly of the friendly business environment and high quality of life that the city provides.

"I can clearly feel that Weihai has always been pursuing the best development with a better infrastructure and business environment, which is why more enterprises and shopping malls are settling in Weihai," Mr Hemingway said.

"Weihai people are hospitable and good at listening. When I communicate with others in broken Chinese, there are always warm-hearted people to help me communicate and solve problems, which makes me think Weihai people are very kind," he added.

The Hemingways now regard Weihai as their home, and they also have made suggestions for the internationalization of Weihai.