Photos capture Taierzhuang ancient town at night

(| Updated : 2021-05-06

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During the just-concluded five-day May Day holiday, Taierzhuang ancient town in Zaozhuang, Shandong province welcomed 452,000 visitors, up 378 percent from the same period in 2020 and up 141.7 percent of the pre-COVID-19 pandemic level in 2019.

Touring the scenic area at night proved popular among visitors that were attracting by the dazzling array of activities and performances offered, as well as the site's fantastic night views.


An aerial photo displays the striking vista of Taierzhuang ancient town at night. [Photo by Gao Qimin/provided to]


Taierzhuang ancient town is bustling with activity when the evening lights are lit. [Photo by Gao Qimin/provided to]


Taierzhuang is the only ancient town along the Grand Canal with well-preserved wharves and revetments. [Photo by Gao Qimin/provided to]


It's quite popular among visitors to take a cruise along the ancient Grand Canal after sunset in Taierzhuang ancient town. [Photo by Gao Qimin/provided to]


Taierzhuang ancient town is full of visitors during the May Day holiday. [Photo by Gao Qimin/provided to]


Tourists enjoy their May Day holiday in Taierzhuang ancient town. [Photo by Gao Qimin/provided to]


Folk performances attract crowds of visitors at night in Taierzhuang ancient town. [Photo by Gao Qimin/provided to]


Surrounded by the waterway of the historic Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Taierzhuang is the only remaining ancient town that is well preserved along the canal. [Photo by Gao Qimin/provided to]