Weiqiao Textile develops 'anti-coronavirus' fabric

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2021-04-07

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Weiqiao Textile Company based in Zouping county, Shandong province recently announced that it has developed "anti-coronavirus" fabrics in cooperation with Beijing ChamGo Nano-Tech Co, a spinoff technological development and transfer company from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


A new "anti-coronavirus" fabric developed by Weiqiao Textile Company and Beijing ChamGo Nano-Tech Co [Photo/WeChat account: Weiqiao Pioneering]

The fabric has a sterilization rate of over 99 percent against the coronavirus for humans (HCoV-229E), said a representative of Weiqiao Textile.

In order to improve the anti-viral capabilities of natural fiber such as pure cotton, the new fabric consists of special antibacterial and antiviral materials. 

Through physical and chemical dual bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects, the fabric is capable of long-term and efficient antibacterial and antiviral performance, according to the company.

The company also claimed that knitted clothing fabrics, home textile fabrics, and other products using the new material are able to prevent the spread of the influenza A virus, avian flu virus, novel coronavirus, and more.